How to Add “You Might Also Like” to Your Blog Posts with Linkwithin on Blogger


You might have seen “You Might Also Like” at the bottom of the post content with link to 3 or 4 related posts. They look good and make your blog more interactive with users. It gives more option to user to stay on your blog for more time. I have used Linkwithin a free and open source widget to add “You Might Also Like” to the blog posts on Blogger or Blogspot platform. Just follow steps below to learn how to add it to your blog.

Watch Video of this Tutorial

  1. Sign in to your Blogger Account.
  2. Open the Blog you want to use Linkwithin to.
  3. In other tab open
  4. On the linkwithin page enter your email-id, your blog link (url of the blog you want to use linkwithin to like then Platform in this case Blogger, and width (number of links of posts you want to show).
  5. Click Get Widget after rechecking filled complete form.
  6. Then on install widget page click install widget in the first line.
  7. Select your blog name and click Add Widget.
  8. You will be redirected to your blog. (*You must be signed in to your blogger account).
  9. In layout you will find Linkwithin widget included. Keep it in bottom gadget area for convenience.
  10. Refresh your Blog and see “You Might also Like” at the bottom of your blog content.
  11. In case you don’t have sufficient posts with images your post links may be displayed in unordered list.
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6 thoughts on “How to Add “You Might Also Like” to Your Blog Posts with Linkwithin on Blogger

  1. I’ve done and redone this a few times and the “You Might Also Like” shows up, but it’s blank underneath. None of my posts are showing up. It worked before I changed my blog name and moved everything over to my new blog. I’ve published a few posts under the new blog name so they should show up but aren’t.

    • Hello Tiffany,
      Changing a blog name doesn’t affect any of your widget and even not linkwithin. So probably you have added this widget many times (*i have done and redone many times). You can try removing all “linkwithin” widgets from your layout and install it again once and last time.
      A comment about your blog:- Nice Blog, You are going great!!!

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